What to expect when you start boxing at Comodus

We get that question all the time, here is a good idea of what you will likely go through when you start. You might fill a little shy or not in your comfort zone which is fine, we have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, always feel free to ask around about any questions you may have, many friendship have started in our club. Your first hour will likely be the "warm-up", pretty intense BUT still manageable, we will as well tailor it for you on the spot and invite you to always do what you can an improve from their, we all started somewhere so please leave your ego at the door and you will make lots of improvements. Start hydrating at least 2 hours before coming and have water handy. don't come on a super full stomach because it will ruin the experience. Once the warm-up is over we will show some basics such as your stance, how to move and your jab (most important punch). In your first month, you will be tired, we suggest coming 3 times a week maximum, depending on how often you come and what kind of physique you got, you will likely loose a lot of fat and start developing some muscles. You will enhance your motricity skills, focus, endurance, speed, stamina and so on, enjoy the best and hardest sport in the world :0)

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