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You might be wondering, what is Box N Burn and why have we decided to start teaching their boxing fitness method?

Co-owned by Olympic Bronze Medalist and fitness educator, Tony Jeffries, Box N Burn is LA’s most popular and most desired boxing fitness class, making it California’s #1 gym.

Box N Burn aims to deliver a world-class boxing fitness experience, no matter your level of boxing ability. So, why not bring this amazing class to COMODUS BOXING CLUB?

We know you’re excited for the new Box N Burn sessions here at Comodus boxing, and with our first class just around the corner, we just wanted to let you know what to expect from these amazing new sessions we are offering…

As you already know, the classes are non-contact but will be teaching you real boxing techniques.

What should I wear?

Although you’ll be learning boxing, there's no need for any fancy boxing gear. Dress in workout clothes and grab a pair of comfortable sneakers.

What should I bring?

You’ll need a pair of hand wraps for these sessions, so if you have your own, please don’t forget to bring those. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, you can purchase a pair for just $12.

If you have your own gloves, you can also bring those, but we can rent them to you free of charge if you don’t.

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