About Us 

At Comodus Boxing Club in Perth, our goal is to help people learn and train in the sweet science of boxing. We were founded in 2018 with a focus on promoting the sport of boxing and its physical, mental, and emotional advantages. Our owner and head coach, Melissa, took over a boxing gym that was shutting down so that she could continue to train. By taking courses and seminars and attending training camps, she was able to build Comodus into what it is today.

Our target demographic is anyone who wants to learn how to box, and we offer both competitive and recreational classes. We truly care about our members and treat everyone like family. We want to help people better understand boxing and its benefits, and with experienced coaches and trainers, anyone can get fit, train their body, and increase their confidence.

If you live in Perth or the surrounding area, including Smith Falls, Kingston, and Ottawa, we’d love to have you visit our gym. You can also contact us online and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We’d love to hear about your boxing goals and what you hope to achieve when you visit or join our club.